A Blogger’s Dictionary: First Edition

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A Blogger’s Dictionary First EditionA blog is a unique animal and bloggers—and readers of blogs— sometimes have things happen for which there are no words in the dictionary. They are all those little (or big) things that just come with the blogging life.

In the spirit of blogging comradeship, I have coined ten new terms for your lexicon. Some of them you might have experienced and others could be waiting for you down the road.

So here they are:

10 words for your blogger’s dictionary

Ambiguous Comment SyndromeThe condition of a reader’s comment being so generic that it is difficult to distinguish from spam.

We’ve all seen it. The comment kind of makes sense, but has no specifics. Should you delete it or not? Is it a real person or a robot?

babbleocitythe degree to which a post starts on topic, only to wander into new, off-subject areas, making the reader wonder what the post is really about.

It is sometimes the curse of creative people to be so full of ideas that they just all spill out in random order. I have been guilty of this myself.

blogchronicity – that synchronistic moment when a famous blogger writes a post on the same topic you are planning and publishes it just hours before yours is scheduled to go out.

It has happened to me more than once. And the blogger whose post comes out later might look like they have copied someone else’s idea. It is amazing that two (or more) bloggers can come out with exactly the same idea at the same time, but with all the bloggers out there, I suppose it’s more common than one would think.

Blogger’s Recall Deficit Disorder – the inability of a blogger to remember that great idea from last night’s dream and turn it into a stupendous post.

It’s that creative burst that hits you in the middle of the night: an idea from a dream that would make a perfect story in a blog post—if you could only remember it.

headbaiting – the act of creating a blog post title that has nothing to do with your post, for the sole purpose of attracting eyeballs.

This blogger is hoping that the title will lure you into her post, but doesn’t follow through with her snappy idea.

Invisible Comment Syndrome – the act of leaving a comment on a blog and having the blogger respond to every comment but yours.

It is like you are not there. No one can see you. When it happens, it is not very much fun.

Post Popularity Principle (PPP) – the proven relationship between a blogger’s most popular post and her need to be away from the office when all those comments start pouring in.

It happens. You write a post and have to leave for a business trip. Invariably, that will be the post that gets tons of comments, but you are not around to answer them.

Posting Paranoia Theory (PPT) – closely related to PPP, this is the theory that the post a blogger is most unsure of will be the most popular one with her readers.

Has it ever happened to you? You hover over the “publish” button, wondering if you should even post it and it becomes an instant reader favorite.

premature postulation – that instant when you recognize too late that you have hit publish on your blog post before inserting your photo.

It’s a little like watching yourself lock your car door with your keys inside. You know it will bring you grief, but you can’t  stop yourself in time.

The Devious Server Effect – the proven theory that a blogger’s hosting service will go down at precisely the moment that her blog post is retweeted by a social media personality with 60,000 followers. 

Remember that waiter who lurked at the back of the restaurant, just waiting until your mouth was full to scurry up and ask you a question? This feels a little like that. Hosting companies seem to intuitively know when the very worst time is to lose your service.

What about you?

Have you been on the giving or receiving end of any of these?

Do any of them drive you crazy?

Do you have new ones to add?

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  1. Good afternoon, Judy.

    A nice post and with so much that tells me you know exactly where I’m at. Only today I’ve experienced blogchronicity. Big boy publishes on the same topic – what can I do, but smile nicely and do my bit of promoting his post in the hope ( let’s make that very feeble hope) that some reciprocation will occur. Dream on, Linda….

    And I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that someone somewhere has put out the word that under no circumstances whatsoever, should anyone in the blogosphere respond to my comments. I suffer terminal invisible comment syndrome.

    Though wait… I see a couple you identified that have not yet afflicted me. Post Popularity Principle and the Devious Server Effect – now why might that be?

    Oh, I know. It’s because I have a really bad case of ‘no reader disorder’. :(

    Maybe I’ve even got dead blog disease…..

    Thanks for lightening my day,
    Kind regards,
    Linda recently posted..Ski Season Starts In Austria!My Profile

  2. The one I relate most to is \\\\\\\”Posting Paranoia.\\\\\\\” It never fails to amaze me which posts really get people going! A mystery to me!

  3. Yet another great blog, Judy!

    I have experienced blogchronicity before – but not with my blog. One day, I wrote an entire scene on the train ride home, destined to make it into my latest novel. I came home, showed the scene to my beta-reader/husband, and turned on the TV – to find a very similar scene, with a very similar theme and a very similar ending on a new TV show I had just decided to watch. Now, sure, they had obviously came up with it long before me if it was already on my TV screen, but still – clearly we were drawing from the same well.

    I was just glad my husband read it first. At least someone was there to say “She wrote this before she watched!”
    Justine recently posted..Performing on DemandMy Profile

  4. Definitely “blogchronicity” a couple of times recently. Also “Recall Deficit Disorder”. I keep pen and paper by the bed, but even then the next morning I cannot clear away the mists obscuring what I thought was such a great idea in the middle of the night.

    I have also suffered “Invisible Comment Syndrome” but wait to find out if it persists. :)

    Thanks for the chuckle, Judy.

  5. I’ve done some headbutting in my time………

    No, the classic is when you post on a topic and it get’s lukewarm results and Mr A-lister posts on the same exact thing on the same day and it’s average at best but they knock it out of the park……….:). AND some of your friends visit both and even the comments are different……..true story, I’ve lived it……….:).

    Who knows where my trail will lead; sometimes I start with a title and write a post to make it fit. And sometimes I start at one place but hopefully circle the wagons by the time I finish.

    I’m not very structured or disciplined at times, but I do show up, that’s worth something, right?

    Oh yeah, I’ve been skipped over on the comments and I called someone out on it before….and she’s pretty well known. She did respond….and in a nice way too; but I cut no slack in here……
    Bill Dorman recently posted..The passing of Bill DormanMy Profile

    • Bill, my friend. I’m recovering from fried computer mode and it’s been sucky, to say the least. I loved your post today. I wrote something similar in 2010, when the same thing happened to me. (Google Said I Died. Will That Be Bad for Business?’)


      I have my comment on your post saved and will try again, when the gods choose to allow me to post it.

      On the A-lister phenomenon of which you speak, I, too have had that happen. It’s usually when I’ve already come out with my post and, hey, they just get listened to more. Because, by God, they are A-listers!

      I don’t particularly like the bloggers who pick and choose which reader comments they respond to. My philosophy is if you have a blog, you owe it to your readers who take time to comment to answer them back. Thanks for sharing your wit and wisdom.
      Judy Lee Dunn recently posted..Zombie Blogs: How Dead Ideas Still Walk Among UsMy Profile

  6. Well, there have been days where I have suffered from blogapathy and or felt blogadasical.
    Josh recently posted..Your Blog Is Killing Your Love For WritingMy Profile

    • Hey Josh,

      You have just added to the dictionary! I love both of these. “Blogapathy” is one that strikes me from time to time. I plunge into my writing and it’s hard sometimes to come up for air at blog post time. Thanks for adding your words. Perhaps they need to go into the next edition, with credit to you. : )
      Judy Lee Dunn recently posted..When Words KillMy Profile

  7. Love these! I have experienced PPT a few times. So maybe we should learn that if the blog seems too raw, controversial or honest for publishing, then yes, we should hit PUBLISH.
    How about “YComment”? = Not leaving a comment because the post has so many already.
    Follow Addiction = I Follow too many blogs to read and then feel gyilty that I am not reading and commenting.
    susie klein recently posted..Joy Bullets – Part II Added OnMy Profile

    • Me too, Susie!
      I’ve definitely got Follow Addiction. But I feel compelled to comment.. it’s not even as though the blogger knows whether we’re lurking in the bushes or not.

      Kind regards,
      Linda recently posted..Austrian Etiquette And The Viennese BallsMy Profile

    • @Susie, As long as controversial doesn’t get rude, I think you are wise to consider a post or two that are on the edge. People respond to strong views, whether they agree with them or not. You can get a lively discussion going and that is always fun.

      And you have struck a nerve with Follow Addiction, as Linda mentions. So many good blogs out there.
      Judy Lee Dunn recently posted..Stephen King, Seth Godin and Content Marketing: Who Is Defining You?My Profile

      • I agree. I hate the posts that throw a super controversial view out there to get a reaction. Don’t be controversial for controversies sake. I stay away from politics because that is not the category for my blog or it’s readers.
        That said; I write primarily to christians, so getting “controversial” can be way too easy! I want to be honest, that is what my readers come for, “refreshing honesty”. But at the same time, I do not want to lose them if I say something that would mess them up so much they would delete me.
        susie klein recently posted..Joy Bullets – Part II Added OnMy Profile

  8. Yep…what is it about 3am? First you wake up for no apparent reason. Then you loll about for a while and start flicking through mental files to ‘clear the brain’. Before you know it you’ve come up with 3 ideas or headlines that will ensure your world domination! So you drift off to sleep, content that your future is set…..
    And in the morning? Classic Blogger’s Recall Deficit Disorder. Narda, nothing, zilch…empty-head. But I wonder where all those ideas go….soooo much hidden gold to mine :) Note to self: gotta crack the code to those Akashic Records…..
    Di Mace recently posted..The alphabet test: Writing a blog post is as simple as ABCMy Profile

  9. Yeah, where DO they go? You could make a mint if you were able to answer that question. Even if I wake at 2am and do remember, the act of turning on the lights, running into the office and writing it down (and I have done that) makes getting back to sleep impossible. Because by then my brain is on overdrive. I lie there, thinking about all the possibilities. And then the cat starts crying (how does she know I’m awake?) and it’s all over. Sigh.
    Judy Lee Dunn recently posted..When Words KillMy Profile

  10. I HATE when that happens!That.You know.ANY of that.

  11. BRDD, goes with CRS which is can’t remember shit!

  12. This was a great post! I can’t tell you how many times, my hand has hovered over the publish button.

  13. Yeah, we all still experience that one. : )
    Judy Lee Dunn recently posted..The Most Unsexy Trait of Successful Writers (and Other Humans)My Profile

  14. Gloria Antonelli

    Your first edition of Blogger’s Dictionary was delightful! Looking forward the the second edition.

  15. Thanks, Gloria. Please do visit us again. : )
    Judy Lee Dunn recently posted..When Words KillMy Profile

  16. This is one of those times I laugh out loud in front of my computer while my husband looks at me like I lost my mind and the dogs are shaking their heads. This is awesome, if I didn’t know you better I would think you are a writer! :)
    Anyway, the number one here (comments) drives me nuts because sometimes I see them posted from people I know and know they are far from spammers so I hate to delete them but they are so lost…
    I am starting my round up post again and this is definitely going into the first “issue”!
    Brankica recently posted..Super Affiliate Handbook ReviewMy Profile

  17. Hey, Bran. Glad you popped in for a visit. It’s been a while!

    Haha. I try to fool people into believing I’m a writer. And every once in a while, I actually pull it off. Yes, that #1 gets to me, too. “Nice post” is easy (often that one is spam), but some are just right there on the edge. I guess the lesson for the commenter is to point to something specific in the post and add enough detail so the blogger knows you have read her post.

    Honored to be included in your roundup list. Thanks for that!
    Judy Lee Dunn recently posted..Social Media Bio Meets Mind Map: It’s VizifyMy Profile

  18. Hi Judy – this is one of the most fun things I’ve read this week – and one of the truest! It really made me smile.

    I definitely suffer from the recall deficit disorder – pen and paper now handy by the bed and in the car, in case inspiration strikes.

    I’ve also experienced invisible comment syndrome. On one occasion I spent quite some time leaving a thoughtful and positive comment on a post written by a pretty well respected blogger. The irony of it was, the post was all about the art of being a great blogger – starting a conversation, responding to people’s comments, engaging with your readers and all that. But it was apparent that this particular blogger drew the line at replying to anyone who didn’t comment within the first 24 hours of the post being up!

    A classic case of ‘don’t do as I do, do as I say’.

    Thanks very much for giving us such an entertaining read,

    Sue Neal recently posted..Writing Tips: How I Motivated Myself to Write Every DayMy Profile

  19. You so busted me for being ambiguous commenter! I really like your list.
    I know still vague! I will try for better comments Judy, I promise.


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