New Blogging Tips, Distractions and Elizabethian Collars


It was crazy around here this last week. So crazy that I could have used an Elizabethian Collar. You know, those upside down lamp shade things dogs wear around their necks to prevent them from licking their wounds after surgery?

I know, I had no idea they were called that, either. If you are curious, as I was, they are named after Queen Elizabeth I , who wore those big poofy collars. So there, you learned another piece of useless information.

Right here on the Judy Lee Dunn blog.

I figured that a collar like that would be just the thing to help me focus. Something to keep me from bouncing off the walls. A device that would help me focus on just one thing at a time.

Because I had multiple deadlines with content for the pre-launch of the new bobWP online course membership site and a book to read for a review deadline and guest posts to write,  not to mention things like a vet visit for the cat and several other blog posts to edit.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I have had no time to write for my own blog. But I leave you with some of the other things I’ve recently written online. Here’s hoping you find some useful gems to help you in your blogging and content development.

5 of My Most Recent Posts Elsewhere on the Internets

The Rise of the Emotionally Intelligent Blogger


Emotionally intelligent bloggers bounce back and forth between teaching and learning all the time. They are comfortable enough in their own skin to know that everyone can teach them something new.

Better Blogging: How to Write a ‘Think Piece’


As we move forward, in order to survive as online content producers, we will have to develop and publish posts that help readers not just learn new information, but make sense of it all in terms of their businesses and their lives.

8 Simple Ways to Get Your Readers Through Your Blog Content Faster


Your readers want content that is easy to consume, so they can be on their way. Here are 8 tips for ensuring they stay with you through the whole post.

How to be a Renaissance Blogger


Some of the best bloggers are not afraid to stray off topic every once in a while and give us a glimpse of some of the things that make them whole, well-rounded people. I call them Renaissance bloggers.

15 Outstanding Tips for Blog Writers from Popular Bloggers

crazy man

I was honored to be included in this list post along with writers I so admire, like Jeff Goins, Jon Morrow, and James Chartrand of Men with Pens. It’s just tips from all of us on what has worked for us in this wonderful world of blogging.

Plus One Very Special Offer


If you have been having thoughts about ramping up your business or blog in the new year, but have zero time to spend, this might be for you. Your membership gets you  access to all the online courses—current and future— to improve your blog and write better content, all for just $69 for 6 months. I have been involved in writing the content for these courses and I guarantee you, they are worth way more .

Offer ends Sunday, November 8 at midnight.

There you go. Five posts to chew on—and one to possibly act on. See you next week.



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